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The monthly OYED newsletter covers a wide range of nutrition topics such as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, school nutrition, health equity and nutrition across the lifespan. It features new studies, upcoming events, tips and other resources that highlight not only the benefits of yogurt, but also help inform discussions around healthy dietary patterns and lifestyle choices in general.

Below you can find all of the issues of the OYED newsletter published to date. We welcome you to explore and, if you are interested in recieving the newsletter click to sign up.



September 2016

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans & Yogurt

August 2016

Diving into the Microbiome: A Q&A with Dr. Emeran Mayer

June 2016

A Focus on Child Nutrition in June Dairy Month

May 2016

Dannon Reports Significant Progress Toward Fulfillment of Commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America

April 2016

WIC Food Package Review: An Opportunity to Improve Nutrition for a Vulnerable Population at Critical Life Stages

March 2016

Putting the DGAs into Action for Consumers - Q&A with OYED Nutrition Advisors

March 2014: Yogurt and the Health of Americans
April 2014: Minority Health Month & the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
June 2014: Benefits of a new addition to WIC packages
July 2014: Building a Culture of Health for Our Nation's Children
September 2014: Celebrating 40 years of WIC
October 2014: Bone Health - Dairy Plays a Critical Role
November 2014: The New Dietary Guidelines for Americans
December 2014: Discussing the 2015 Dietary Guidelines

February 2015: Progress Toward a Healthier Future
March 2015: Using the 2015 Dietary Guidelines to Achieve a Healthy Future
April 2015: Time to Spring Forward with Better Eating
June 2015: Revisiting the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Summit
July 2015: Take the OYED Survey!
September 2015: This September, Think Yogurt
October 2015: How to Make the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Actionable for Americans
November 2015: Nutrition: An Opportunity to Advance Health Equity

February 2016: How the DGAs Are of Use to Lactose Intolerant Americans
January 2016: Yogurt Around the World