March 11, 2014


Yogurt and the Health of Americans

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As a leader in health and wellness, you understand America’s food and nutrition landscape and what’s required to make real changes. One committee or one researcher can’t do it alone — but by working together and fostering collaboration between healthcare providers, scientists, food retailers, food makers, government and consumers, we can help improve the way America eats and our collective health.

As part of our work at The Dannon Company, we’re leading an effort called Yogurt Every Day that is committed to better health through food in general and, more specifically, yogurt.

As you likely know, most nonfat and lowfat yogurts are nutrient-dense, a source of protein and can be a more easily digestible dairy option for people with lactose intolerance. In addition, according to recent research, yogurt consumption is associated with less weight gain over time, better diet quality and healthier dietary patterns. But in a country where 90% of the population eats less than one cup of yogurt a week, few people currently benefit from the nutrition profile of yogurt.

Your work makes a real difference, both in terms of consumers’ daily habits and the policy decisions that affect us all. That’s why we want to share updates with you from Yogurt Every Day that may help inform you on how food and yogurt in particular can positively impact the health and well-being of Americans. And our hope is when you find something we share that is particularly motivating, you will share it with your colleagues, friends and family. It’s one way we’re doing our part to help bring healthier food to more Americans.


Philippe Caradec and Miguel Freitas

Yogurt Every Day

Things to Know

USDA says [the WIC] overhaul will now be complete with a few more items included, such as whole grain pastas, yogurt and additional types of canned fish. The final rule also allows for an increase in the value of vouchers for fruits and vegetables.

We have assembled a group of like-minded “Yogurt Every Day Nutrition Advisors” to help spread our message across key health and nutrition areas and help guide our efforts in paving the road to a healthier future. Learn more about our advisors by clicking below.