January 28, 2016


Yogurt Around the World

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The New Year inspires new resolutions to eat well and live a more healthful lifestyle – and as we’ve shared with you in past issues of the One Yogurt Every Day newsletter, nutrient dense foods like nonfat and lowfat yogurt can play a key role. In this issue, we’ll focus on the how, by tapping into unique and flavorful dishes from around the globe that make it easy to take advantage of yogurt’s benefits every day.

Nonfat and lowfat yogurt can go beyond the breakfast table to reduce the fat in salad dressings, sauces, dips and marinades without sacrificing flavor and texture when used as a replacement for other oils. In baked goods, it can replace oil, butter or sour cream for lighter treats. Our hope is that the recipes and tips that follow will have you dipping, stirring, and championing the many uses for this dairy staple!


Philippe Caradec
Vice President, Corporate Affairs, The Dannon Company, Inc.

Yogurt Tips & Recipe Tricks:

Other Ways to Incorporate Yogurt Every Day:

  • Baking: Replace butter, cream cheese, heavy cream and sour cream for yogurt when baking , , cupcakes or . Swap out whipped cream for yogurt to top cakes, puddings, and mousses.
  • With Fruits and Vegetables: Yogurt can encourage consumption of fruits and vegetables when used in , , and .

When you substitute yogurt for other fats and liquids in your cooking, it’s not always an even, cup-for-cup exchange. This chart provides a simple and easy guide for substituting yogurt in recipes.

One Yogurt Every Day Nutrition Advisors
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Just days into 2016, we were greeted with the arrival of the . In case you missed it, click to read Dannon’s perspective on the updated DGAs.

Easy to pair with other nutrient dense foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains to build healthy dietary patterns, yogurt has a diverse portfolio of uses and benefits. It’s a convenient source of 3 out of 4 nutrients of concern identified by the 2015 DGAs and a good source for high quality protein. View our to get to know this delicious and multi-faceted food.

Dannon is proud to be a National Strategic Partner of the USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP). Check out their and share them with your network!

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